'Perfect A'
'a mans frustration to write a perfect A, draws him into a piece of paper’
This 90 second film is a spin off from 'The beetle' it exists within the same film world but follows a different story line. It's conception was only considered after the director re-visited the film months after completing the project. It shows an abusridist world of stupid frustration.  It is currently being submitted to a series of film festivals around the UK

'Perfect A' Crew 
Director-Keaton B-Mcd
Producer- Courtney KNowles 
dop- oli blower
Secondary camera operator- Cal Hagen 
Production Design- Martin Bagneris 
Editor- Danniel Pattman/Keaton B-mcD
VFX- Danniel Pattman
Colour Grade- Tomas 
Sound design- Charlie Donovan
Composition- Drew Briden
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