'A sons last chance to get his fathers acceptance comes when his dying father searches for a successor to the business’
 The first film written and directed by Keaton B-McD, Loosley inspired by Franz Kafka 'Metamorphsis' 'The Beetle' is a UWE graduation film from 2021. The film explores themes of self acceptance and identity as Greg (our protagnist) decided whats more important what his father thinks of him or how he views himself.
'The Beetle' is a 13 minute dark absurdist comedy. It follows Gregor, who works in his father typography business. His father is ill and crazed locking himself away in his office, for fear of being hurt by insects. In the fathers final days he offers an ultimatum. Whoever can design the best font for his grave becomes succesor of the company. This gives greg (his son) one final chance to prove himself to his father. However, when Gregs kicked out of the work place by the office bully he gets taken on a surreal journey of self acceptance by the least likely thing, his fathers worst nightmare, an insect 'The Beetle'
Director/Writer- Keaton B-Mcd
Producer- Courtney Knowles 
DOP- oli blower
1st AD- Euan Ray
Secondary camera operator- Cal Hagen 
First AC- Rufus Farrow Jones
Second Ac- Simon Latham
Casting director- Lucas Hough 
Production Design- Martin Bagneris
Costume- Lucas Hough  
Editor- Danniel Pattman/Keaton B-mcD
Sound design- Guy Newland
VFX- Danniel Pattman and Harvey Mcgarry

Greg - Ryan Still 
Oli John- Graham Macdonnell
Grave Digger- Alexander Kanwell 
Pest control- Joey Robinson, Sarah Brignall
Office workers- Mel Leighton-Carey, Dave Watt, Esperanza Torres, 
Juanma Cabrian, Lucas Hough, Archie Dunham

With massive thanks to Go Fund Me contributors 
Solly Bowyer
Carly Minister
Paul and Suzanne Hough
Alison Dex 
patrick blower
James Shaw
Jane Allan
Wendy Eastland
Moesha Gumpo
Linda Alliston
Sue Green
Harry Waters
Hope Graham
claire perry 
Julie Foster

Special thanks to:
Ben heath 
Charles McDougall 
Catalyst workshop 
Gloucester road reclamation yard 
Springfield paper supplies
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