Jah Army- Blood Shanti
Our most recent video to date was a collaboration with dub star 'Blood Shanti' from Aba shanti  soundsystem. He asked us to simply follow him around his hometown of Brixton with an old school VX1000 and create a video from what we captured. The outcome is a 90's nostalgic hats off to Brixton. 

Kippin Widda Fishes- Alexander Kanwell
This was the second collbration with long time artistic associate Alexander Kanwell. The video was heavily inspired by the work of Buster Keaton in Sherlock Jnr. We were granted access to the space by our close friends at Gloucester road studios who could not have been any more accommodating and helpful. All animation was done by our in house animator Eva Sykes who painted out over 1000 unique frames. Big thanks to Alex for trusting us with this one

Rise- Jenks Ft.Natty
This was produced and co created by 'Smile You're on Film' alongside Shuttr.thug. the video was made for Gyro recordings and was given the task of showing 'nattys' story as he found the inspiration to his lyrics in Bristol 

We are Nature- Alexander Kanwell
This was our first music video produced by 'Smile you're on Film' . It was an artistic collaboration between Keaton and Alex in which they explored the possibilities of the camera within the world of Alex new album 'Untitled 15' 

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